Supply Chain Webinar

This webinar is about how COVID-19 caused a dramatic change in the tax industry. The has been a shift to remote work which has opened the door to the talent economy.


Strategic Hiring – Hiring for an Existing Open Role

Strategic Hiring – Hiring for an Existing Open Role.pdf

Effective Tax Communications With Foreign-Owned Entities

When communicating with foreign-owned entities, you must know and understand the cultural subsets all companies possess. This article discusses the importance of understanding both the company's and candidates' goals and focus whether it be shareholder value, employees, or community/nation before making a career or hiring decision.

Effective Communications With Foreign-Owned Entities.pdf

2020 Hiring Outlook - The Impact of COVID-19

With one hiring window already in the rear-view, Adam Golden stresses in his latest article that tax Hiring Authorities need to assess their hiring plans for the remainder of the year NOW. A wild flurry of activity could be hitting the tax hiring market all at once, and the early birds will get the worms.

2020 Hiring Outlook - The Impact of COVID-19.pdf

VTC Session 6

Tax professionals take a deeper look at the importance of soft skills and tax technology.


Covid-19 Opens the Tax Profession to the Talent Economy

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the viability of remote work in many industries, a revelation that will likely impact many future business decisions worldwide.

Covid-19 Opens the Tax Profession to the Talent Economy.pdf

Outsourcing Update 2020 - Insiders Speak Out

The Big4 have dusted off their 1990s-era outsourcing model with renewed promises to solve the challenges generated by legislative and regulatory pressures. Taking into account none of the large, complex companies that moved to full outsourcing previously remained in that format today, we're back to assess the success of this latest outsourcing push. Read what tax leaders have to say about their outsourcing experiences.

Outsourcing Update 2020 - Insiders Speak Out.pdf

Strategic Hiring - An Introduction

Many companies are temporarily putting a hold on hiring or cutting costs due to COVID 19, but we all know the workload for tax isn’t going anywhere. Now is the time to strategize.

Strategic Hiring – An Introduction.pdf

DAC 6 is Coming – Will It Cause A Chilling Effect On The Use Of Outside Advisors?

Tax departments are being asked to do more work with fewer resources and I fear preparation for DAC 6 is not at the top of tax department's priority lists. July 1st is rapidly approaching and you must make time to create a strategy surrounding DAC 6 NOW.

DAC6 is Coming - Will It Cause A Chilling Effect On The Use Of Outside Advisors.pdf

COVID-19 Update - Major Trends Facing Tax Departments

As a CFO or financial leader overseeing a tax function, time is money. When hiring and retaining tax talent, the focus is often on salaries and development, but three pivotal trends threaten to consume bandwidth and complicate these endeavors.

COVID Updates - Tax Hiring and Retention Oversights.pdf