Just-In-Time Labor

This article addresses the challenge Tax Departments face as they attempt to increase shareholder value, minimize risks and reduce costs and annual budgets. Creative solutions are available in today's "gig" economy to achieve these goals including the use of progressive technologies and use of alternative staffing arrangements to reduce outside consultant fees and avoid over or under hiring. Seamless integration of these tools is key to making Tax more efficient as a partner in the overall goals of the organization.

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Single Most Important Factor for Your Success

This article addresses the importance of assessing our abilities, skills and the areas where we need to make improvement. We can find this information through feedback from others and our own self-awareness. Once we have this information, what next? Learn the advantages we can gain from the most often named factor for career success, having a mentor, and how it can change our futures.

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Demographic White Paper

In this article, the keys to avoiding a leadership crisis is laid out as corporate heads of tax prepare to retire across the US. The facts indicate that 64% of tax leadership is 55 years or older and 52% of those in line to to take over the #1 positions are 55 years or older as well. There are other factors that contribute to this being more than just a high level staffing issue. This article lays out the factors of what tax departments are imminently facing and will continue to face as the largest living population prepares to retire. Solutions are available to offset this looming challenge including succession planning and specific guidance for each generation - GenXers, Millenials and Generation Z.

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What the Big Four Don’t Want You to Know About the Latest Outsourcing Trend

This paper examines outsourcing vs. keeping all tax work in-house vs. a blend of both. For most tax departments, it's important to first step back and evaluate the tax function from a global perspective. While the Big Four push outsourcing as a solution, a majority of tax departments now consider it an unrealistic model, recognizing that an outsourcing arrangement may not adequately consider shareholder value and minimizing risk. While outsourcing is justified under certain circumstances, there are other actions that can be taken by a tax department to meet today's growing demands.

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A Meaningful Retirement

This article examines the challenge that retirement can bring to tax professionals as well as the key considerations to find contentment and success at this time of life.

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2018 Tax Hiring Outlook Webinar Slides

Slides highlighting five key takeaways from Tax Hiring Outlook - change in method to find top tax talent; increase in use of outside tax consultants; growth of companies is fueling new tax hires; perception that it is difficult to hire tax professionals in current market; increase in tax compliance & tax accounting roles.

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2018 Tax Hiring Outlook

This report provides insight into the tax hiring process from the viewpoint of corporate tax hiring authorities after year-end budgeting and provides conclusive information to support decision making. Survey respondents consisted of corporate tax department heads from across the country and the majority represented companies with over $9 B in annual sales. Additionally, this report serves to provide a perspective on any relevant trends that developed in the prior year.

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Preview of 2018 Tax Hiring Outlook

Preview of upcoming TaxTalent's 2018 Tax Hiring Outlook. Podcast presents two of the key takeaways from the report and what it means for you and your tax department including the difficult market conditions that exist for hiring tax professionals in 2018.

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Your Path to the Future (E-book)

This article series provides you with a "framework to accomplish anything". It summarizes a series of articles that cover the critical issues for success - vision, goal setting, fundamentals that support achievement, prioritization, self-leadership, collaboration, communication and energy leadership. It lists the five key personal factors for success as: breaking down our internal blocks, maintaining accountability, exercising self-discipline and resilience. Written by Tim Airgood, highly experienced corporate tax professional and most recently, VP of International Tax with a Fortune 50 company.

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Podcast Ep.6 Using Advisor for Search

This podcast presents the pros and cons of using your outside tax advisor from a public accounting, law or other type of tax consulting firm to help you identify and hire candidates for a position you are trying to fill. There are advantages and disadvantages that Adam identifies in this podcast. Adam is the Director of Recruiting at TaxSearch Inc. Adam is the Director of Executive Search at TaxSearch Inc.

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