Will There Be a Pivot from Tax Planning?

Tax planning has been the treasured skill set for years, but increased efforts towards tax transparency lead us to believe a pivot is on the horizon.

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Aging Tax Demographics May 2021

We are at risk of a HUGE KNOWLEDGE GAP in tax. This study shows how many baby boomers have retired in the last two years and displays how many are currently employed across all tax department roles. The numbers will shock you.

Aging Tax Demographics May 2021.pdf

Contemplating the Future Tax Function

How should the tax department of the future be structured? This white paper provides a glimpse into an alternative concept. We hope to inspire a deeper conversation about this topic as we believe it will be one of the most important issues facing in-house corporate tax professionals in the coming years.

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2021 GTMA Non US Webinar


2021 GTMA US Webinar

This hour long webinar covers top trends facing staffing and retention in the U.S. Tax market.

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2021 Global Tax Market Assessment


Risky Business - Top Risks of Remote Hiring for Hiring Authorities and Employees

As we approach the spring hiring season, the busiest hiring cycle of the year, it seems like a perfect time to bring attention to a certain pressure that appears to be rising in the market.

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Tax Diversity Standards Of Tomorrow

As companies are scrutinized by ESG standards, there are unique factors in tax that will cause tension for companies as they struggle to meet a specific area regarding the social element of ESG. Natalie Santiago and Adam Golden address these factors and provide potential short and long-term solutions in their latest white paper.

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Impending Labor Shortage - The Underlying Conditions Affecting Your Tax Function

This article discusses how the impending labor shortage in tax will impact how investors view your company.

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Drawing the Line - Needs VS. Wants

With more candidates than available jobs in the current employer-driven market, Tyler Simpson’s latest article addresses the importance of hiring authorities drawing a hard line between the company’s needs versus wants in the job description. Ineffective job ads will result in a flood of candidates who are ultimately unqualified for your position. Read the article to see a real-life example of how we improved a client’s job description.

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