2021 GTMA US Webinar

This hour long webinar covers top trends facing staffing and retention in the U.S. Tax market.

2021_GTMA_US_ Webinar.mp4

Supply Chain Webinar

This webinar is about how COVID-19 caused a dramatic change in the tax industry. The has been a shift to remote work which has opened the door to the talent economy.


VTC Session 6

Tax professionals take a deeper look at the importance of soft skills and tax technology.


Global Tax Market Assessment Webinar 2020

Global Tax Market Assessment Webinar 2020 answers questions about tax trends.

2020 GTMA Webinar.mp4

Exodus Webinar Series Part 2

Exodus Webinar Series Part 2

Exodus Webinar Pt 2.mp4

Exodus Webinar Series Part 1

Exodus Webinar Part 1.mp4

2019 Tax Hiring Outlook Webinar

2019 Tax Hiring Outlook Q& A Webinar.ics

2018 Tax Hiring Outlook Webinar Slides

Slides highlighting five key takeaways from Tax Hiring Outlook - change in method to find top tax talent; increase in use of outside tax consultants; growth of companies is fueling new tax hires; perception that it is difficult to hire tax professionals in current market; increase in tax compliance & tax accounting roles.

2018 THO Webinar and Q&A Slide Deck.pdf

2018 GTMA Webinar Power Point

Power Point for webinar that presents the top three predictions for the US tax market in 2018. Topics include demographics, tax reform and technologies.

2018 GTMA Webinar FINAL.pdf

How AI and Robotics Change the Game in Corporate Tax Departments Pt. 2 Power Point

This presentation revolves around the challenges tax departments face today regarding attaining all information they must have for accuracy and how implementation of a robotics program can resolve these issues. It also covers automatic interaction with tax authorities and various technological roles that are evolving. Also, the advantage of utilizing robotics and AI to free up your staff for higher level work.

AI and Robotics Webinar Part 2 Slide Deck.pdf