TaxNotes - Unlocking the Benefits of Diversity

"Unlocking the Power of Diversity in Tax Departments: A Must-Read Article for Tax Professionals."   Tony Santiago, founder and President of TaxSearch Inc., unveiled his most recent article. In this illuminating piece, he delves deep into the pivotal role of diversity within tax teams, presenting a refreshing and thought-provoking perspective. Santiago engages in an insightful conversation with Sonia Hollies, the Senior Vice President of Global Tax, Risk Management, and Treasurer at Perrigo Co. Hollies shares invaluable insights derived from her own experiences in building diverse tax teams and harnessing the potential of internships. She underscores the importance of casting a wide net when recruiting talent, considering candidates from a diverse array of universities and backgrounds. This, she argues, is the catalyst for infusing fresh perspectives and innovative mindsets into the field of taxation, enriching it immeasurably. Hollies advocates for the promotion of diverse job postings and the exploration of flexible work arrangements to broaden the appeal to a diverse candidate pool. By embracing diversity, organizations can break free from the constraints of uniformity, paving the way for an environment where creativity and innovation flourish. We invite you to savor a cup of coffee, settle in, and immerse yourself in this engaging and refreshing article.

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TaxNotes: Three Tension Points Affecting the Corporate Tax Market

Navigating Corporate Tax Dynamics: Dive into the In-depth Analysis of *3 Pivotal Tensions* by Tony Santiago. This exploration takes you through the intricate contours of the contemporary tax landscape, shedding light on the transformative shifts in salary paradigms, the dynamic evolution of remote work structures, and the urgent need to tackle tax tech challenges head-on. Tension Point 1: Salary and Title Evolution Discover how the tax arena is undergoing a seismic transformation in salary dynamics. With the burgeoning presence of boomer-era leaders and a finite talent pool, the demand for skilled tax professionals has never been higher. Tension Point 2: The Paradigm Shift in Remote Work Structures The pandemic has triggered a seismic shift in the way work is structured. Remote work has surged, and hybrid models are being embraced. However, this shift isn't without its tensions. The interplay between employee preferences and organizational requirements has sparked a fascinating conflict. Tension Point 3: Navigating Tax Tech Challenges The rapid emergence of advanced tax software has spotlighted the dire need for skilled tax technology leaders. With the convergence of technology and taxation, the gap in expertise is glaring and needs immediate attention. Strategic Insights for the Path Forward: Tony Santiago suggests actionable strategies to tackle these tensions: 1. Compensation Realignment 2. Strategies for Talent Retention 3. Empowerment through Tax Tech 4. Holistic Collaboration Intrigued? Embrace the insights embedded within these tensions to not only navigate but thrive within the evolving tax landscape. It's a journey that requires adaptability, insight, and strategic prowess. Are you ready to harness these insights and shape a resilient tax future!

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TaxNotes: U.S. Tax Leadership Demographic Analysis 2023

Time is a commodity and quite arguably one of the most valuable of all investments. Your investment? 10 minutes What is the return on your investment? With New Data, we gain invaluable insights into the imminent wave of retirements that will impact the tax profession across generations. Based on data analysis, we can better predict when the wave of retirements will affect not just the Boomers but also Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X. This updated demographic information is essential for anyone in tax, HR, and a financial leadership team. Carve out 10 minutes from your busy schedule, read the latest eye-opening article of Tax Pulse, a Tax Notes series, and pass it along to others who would benefit from the knowledge, The return on your investment will be immense. Time is ticking. Unlock the power of foresight.

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