Ranking MAcc Programs 2017 & 2018

Ranking list of MAcc Programs

Complete Rankings of the 2017-2018 MAcc Programs.pdf

Complete Rankings of the 2017-2018 MAcc Tax Programs

Ranking list of MAcc Tax Programs for 2017 & 2018

Complete Rankings of the 2017-2018 MAcc Tax Programs.pdf

Ranking of JD Tax Programs 2017 & 2018

Ranking list of JD Tax Programs for 2017 & 2018

Complete Rankings of the 2017-2018 JD Tax Programs.pdf

How AI and Robotics Change the Game in Corporate Tax Departments Pt. 2 Power Point

This presentation revolves around the challenges tax departments face today regarding attaining all information they must have for accuracy and how implementation of a robotics program can resolve these issues. It also covers automatic interaction with tax authorities and various technological roles that are evolving. Also, the advantage of utilizing robotics and AI to free up your staff for higher level work.

AI and Robotics Webinar Part 2 Slide Deck.pdf

Succession Planning Part One

First of a four-part article series, covering how to handle specific scenarios regarding succession planning for your tax team. The first two parts are from the employer’s perspective and the last two parts, from the employee’s perspective. This first article looks at the example of a senior level staff person that is forthcoming about their retirement plans/long-term intentions. How will you respond with a succession plan?

Succession Planning Part 1.pdf

Career Advice for a Younger Me

Paul Iannone, JD, CPA, MST, Tax Professional and Founder of Tax Career Advisor, shares valuable career insights regarding “Career Advice for a Younger Me.” Young tax professionals are often focused on passing the CPA exam and adjusting to a new career and learning tax technical issues. However, personal development skills are critical to one's long-term success and should be learned early-on and fine-tuned throughout one's career. This article examines the personal skills that are critical for success.

Career Advice for a Younger Me.pdf

Year-End and New Beginnings Article

Year-end is a busy time. This article takes a quick look at the top issues facing tax departments across the board at this time of year - year end budgeting, tax reform, technology and personal development and goal setting.

Year End and New Beginnings.pdf

TaxTalent Brochure

TaxTalent Brochure.pdf

State and Local Tax Brochure

State and Local Tax Brochure.pdf

2017 Career Satisfaction Survey

The 2017 Career Satisfaction Survey provides a current snapshot of career satisfaction from the staff to manager level tax professionals in corporate in-house tax departments. Bottom line - More than half of all employees that responded do not feel their personal career goals and ambitions are well-understood by their tax department leaders. This annual survey provides the data used to come to conclusions as well as action steps to improve employee satisfaction. Report recommends that tax and financial leaders leverage this data for their own performance optimization.

2017 Career Satisfaction Survey Report.pdf