Tax and Treasury - To Combine Or Not To Combine

The question on every CFO's mind right now is, should Tax and Treasury become one? I discussed this with six Tax and Treasury executives to get their insight.

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1980 to Now: What's Different About This Market Turndown

If you are ultimately responsible for your corporate tax function, take a moment to read this short article about why this market turn-down is different. To summarize, it can be encapsulated in one word - "PAUSE."

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Working Remote: 3 Keys to Success

While locked indoors, be open to success! This article gives advice on how to effectively manage your tax team from home.

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Strategic Hiring: Hiring During a Major Market Disruption

We’ve transitioned into an employer-driven market, but that doesn’t mean Hiring Authorities will have it easy. This article uncovers some situations you may encounter during a major market disruption.

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How to be Prepared for Staffing in an Uncertain Time

Our firm, TaxSearch, has been through many tough times in the market since our inception over 35 years ago. We felt the pain and uncertainty during those times in tax. After weathering those storms, we can now offer advice on how to capitalize on this market.

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Top 5 Reasons to go In-House

If you are in professional services, there will come a time when you question if you are on the right career path. Read on to discover the reasons a corporate in-house setting might lead you to a happy, successful future.

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Global Tax Market Assessment Webinar 2020

Global Tax Market Assessment Webinar 2020 answers questions about tax trends.

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How Much You Could Be Saving On Your Consulting Budget

What everyone wants to know is how much interim staffing will cost them before they put too much confidence in any interim staffing solution. This article discloses a real-life savings analysis for several different types of projects that TaxForce Inc. was brought in to support in comparison to Big 4 accounting firms.

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Setting The Stage For Hiring Strategically

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A New Trend To Be Aware Of

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