About TaxForce

For more than 30 years, our sister company, TaxSearch Inc., has been helping companies around the world build and maintain world-class tax departments. It was through those long-term existing relationships and conversations that TaxForce was born.

Our clients voiced their frustration about having to do more within their tax departments with fewer resources. Tax Departments were tasked to complete highly skilled projects with tighter deadlines and requiring greater urgency than ever before.

As a result, they turned to outside service firms for help, but that came with its own set of frustrations.

Now there is TaxForce!

Optimizing Tax Consulting Budgets

We discovered that our clients were not consistently getting the individuals with the specific skill sets required, and the cost was pushing their budgets higher than ever before. We noticed that every client had a unique situation, requirement, and budget.

TaxForce factors in all concerns to create the perfect solution to solve your tax needs.

TaxForce integrates highly specialized tax talent into engagements with precision.