All tax departments face temporary staffing challenges

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In the past, when faced with seasonal or unexpected workloads, most tax functions turned to professional service firms for interim assistance, but employees borrowed from the Big4 don’t come cheap and too often lack the experience or skillsets the job requires. While seasoned freelance tax professionals were available, most companies required that they live in the area.

One key outcome of the coronavirus pandemic has been the shift to remote work across all industries, rendering one’s physical location irrelevant. It's now commonplace for complex tasks to be performed remotely and with geography no longer an issue, TaxForce’s extensive talent pool is poised to solve your short-term and interim tax challenges like never before.

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The world's most successful companies turn to TaxForce to provide client tax solutions. They trust that TaxForce can help solve their challenges.

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Speed of Availability

Contact TaxForce with your short-term or interim needs, and we can connect you with specialized tax talent targeted to meet your needs in as little as three days.


TaxForce allows you to quickly obtain interim staffing relief with high-caliber, uniquely qualified Associates.


TaxForce is flexible, enabling you to utilize highly skilled Associates on a fractional, full-time, or team basis.


Because TaxForce utilizes independent Associates, our rates are a far lower than those of the professional service firms, and by working remotely, there are no per diems, hazard pay, or hotel costs.