Medical Device Company

Medical Device Company

International APA Project


TaxForce was able to use its network of highly skilled tax consultants to help a global medical device and supply manufacturing company to complete a Japanese APA. The project faced a two-month deadline after it was abandoned by the sudden resignation of the Director over Transfer Pricing.


The company had been working on a Japanese APA for three years. They were only two months away from their deadline when the person championing the project, the Director of Transfer Pricing, resigned without notice. After meeting with the Vice President of Tax and Senior Director of Tax Planning, whom this role ultimately reported to, it was determined TaxForce needed to act quickly. He had two options: partner with TaxForce or enlist the help of one of the Big 4. Ultimately, he chose TaxForce due to the quality of the consultant and the cost.


During the project analysis call, the team at TaxForce was able to quickly assess the constraints as well as the specific qualifications required to get the APA completed. Due to their incredible network that spans over 30 years of work with tax departments they were able to get a perfectly matched consultant on site in less than one week. This consultant was an attorney with substantial history working with large corporations, and most importantly, he had extensive experience specifically with APAs.


The consultant was able to ensure the timely and successful completion of the APA, as well as contribute to additional ongoing, high-profile projects. One of the major benefits of using TaxForce’s network consulting model is the ease of the consultants to do any knowledge transfer for the new permanent hires. This company was ecstatic to see that as a result of this consultant’s years of experience in leadership roles he was able to help bring the new, permanent hire up to speed seamlessly.

Not only did the TaxForce consultant save the day on this project, but his rate was only $246/hr. The experience of this consultant would have been the equivalent of a Managing Director/Partner at one of the Big 4 firms, which would have cost at a minimum 300% more.

“We had a short-term need for an experienced tax professional to fit a very specific and high-profile tax role. It was critical that we kept momentum on multiple projects and we needed a resource to come in cold and to perform at a high level. TaxForce did a great job of listening to our needs and finding a candidate who really matched the skill set and requirements of the position. They removed the pressure of scouring the universe to find the right person for the position. The consultant definitely had the right background, demeanor, and approach to the projects. He performed an integral role on several ongoing projects, adding outside perspective where appropriate while not reinventing the wheel. We definitely would use TaxForce again to find just the right resource for our needs, whether short or long-term and regardless of complexity. TaxForce really added value by making the right connection for us.”

Senior Director, Tax Planning
Direct Supervisor of Consultant