Chemical Manufacturing Company

Chemical Manufacturing Company

Chem Company

Director Tax Planning


TaxForce used its network of highly skilled tax consultants to help a chemical manufacturing company through an extremely busy period of acquisitions. The consultant did such a stellar job that the client hired her as a full-time employee at the end of the contract.


A chemical manufacturing company was in acquisition mode, completing due diligence on dozens of opportunities. The Director of Tax Planning was overwhelmed during this time given her responsibility for all areas of the tax planning function, including M&A. Due to the number of deals being assessed she realized many responsibilities falling through the cracks. Help was needed until things slowed down. Enlisting the help of the VP of Tax, they received quotes from the Big 4 as well as TaxForce. Ultimately, it was an easy choice for the VP of Tax. He would bring on a consultant through TaxForce who had experience as a Director at the Big 4 previously and whose bill rate was only a fraction of the cost compared to the alternatives.


The team at TaxForce completed a project analysis with the Director of Tax Planning in order to understand the demands of the project as well as the necessary experience this consultant would need. The Director of Tax Planning and her team needed a senior candidate who had a very strong background in M&A that could take much of the due diligence work off of her plate, could review contracts and spot the critical issues. They also needed a strong presence and could present items to the board.


TaxForce sourced the ideal candidate and her start offered nearly instant relief to the Director of Tax Planning by taking over a very time-consuming part of her workload. The consultant did such a great job on the project, the client decided to end their permanent search and convert her to a permanent employee.