Chemical Manufacturing Company

Chemical Manufacturing Company

Chem Company

When a Fortune 500 chemical manufacturing company required assistance in their tax department, they were torn between outsourcing to their long-term Big4 partnerand TaxForce. Here is the story of how they made a decision by which they were extremely pleased.

Highly inquisitive, this company has a pattern of regular acquisitions and restructurings. During one of their latest acquisitions, they realized there was a need for a consultant with experience in M&A global transactions and with a legal background to help the department for 9-12 months.

In search of making the most educated decision, they received quotes from their Big4 partner and TaxForce. While the Big4 always offers a safe solution to staffing needs, TaxForce was able to present an ideal candidate that not only exceeded the company’s expectations from an experience standpoint, but came at a fraction of the cost quoted by the Big4.

The TaxForce consultant started almost immediately, providing instant relief to the Director of Tax Planning by taking over a very time-consuming part of her workload.Our client was so impressed by the consultant's performance that in 4 months, theyoffered her a full-time position as the Head of Global Tax Planning.

Since then, this Fortune 500 chemical manufacturing company fully understands the value TaxForce added to their department and has become a three time repeat client.