Manufacturing Company Year-End Project


TaxForce was able to use its network of highly skilled tax consultants to help a global manufacturing company survive year-end while short a team member. The company had recently promoted someone and was looking to back fill his position.


The company had recently promoted one of its team members who was responsible for all of the hands-on Federal compliance and provision work and one of their most knowledgeable team members when it came to the software they were using. They knew they would need to back fill his position, but also knew that they were coming up on the busiest time of the year and it was highly unlikely they would get a qualified tax professional on board to start in the middle of year-end. Due to both the timing of the new hire coupled with the remote location of their headquarters, the head of tax knew they were going to need another solution. He had two options: partner with TaxForce or enlist the help of one of the Big 4. Ultimately, he chose TaxForce due to the quality of the consultant and the cost.


During the project analysis call, the team at TaxForce was able to quickly assess the specific qualifications required that would ensure this consultant could come on board and add immediate value. Due to TaxForce’s incredible network that spans over 30 years of work with tax departments, they were able to get a perfectly matched consultant on site in less than two weeks. This consultant was a very experienced, tax operations specialist who knew the software they were using intimately, as he had implemented it many times in prior projects.


The consultant was able to ensure the company hit all their filing deadlines. In addition to helping them prepare the provision he was able to help them redesign many of their workpapers and automate portions of those workpapers to make the coming years less manual and much easier. The consultant did such a stellar job the company extended him through the compliance season, where he was also able to automate certain aspects and help them to create efficiencies for upcoming years.

The following year the company reached out to TaxForce requesting the same consultant back, as they had finally hired someone for the permanent role they were trying to backfill but was requesting the consultant’s help to train their new team member and get her up to speed. They wanted him to train her on both the companies processes (through compliance and provision season) as well as with the software they were using.

Not only did the TaxForce consultant save the day on this project, but his rate was only $162/hr, which included the expense of his traveling. This consultant has at least five times as many years of corporate in-house experience as the person they would have been given from the Big 4 at close to half the rate.