Multinational Healthcare Solutions Company

In an effort to make future audits faster and less painless, a multinational healthcare solutions company decided to apply for the CAP program. In order to gain acceptance, all past audits had to be closed and agreed upon by the IRS. This was a major task as they had open audits dating back 8 years.

With a “green” controversy team, they realized the department required a leader toassist with strategy and direct the team. They called TaxForce.

The company requested two consultants. One with experience leading audit teams and a transfer pricing specialist as they knew there would be work surrounding this area. Further, this individual would pose as a mentor for their in-house team throughout the project while helping to close all audits.

TaxForce presented one consultant who was strong in both audit and transfer pricing. In turn, this company was able to optimize their consulting budget during this three-year project by bringing on only one consultant, and taking advantage of TaxForce’s affordable pricing structure.