Lofty Technology Goal

Telecommunications Company

The newly appointed financial leadership of an American producer of computer memory and data storage set forth lofty goals surrounding technology.

With the ultimate vision of shortening closing cycles, they looked to bring in a consultant who knew eight different technology softwares.

(OneSource Income Tax, OneSource Tax Provision, Corptax for compliance, Alteryx, Power BI, Blue Prism, Tableau, and Blackline)

This person was to create the best ROI by assessing the current software and choosing new programs from a list compiled by a Big4 assessment.

Leadership knew finding an individual with this skillset would be difficult, but in working with Taxforce in the past, they were confident TaxForce would be up for the challenge.

In only two days, TaxForce put together a dream team consisting of two consultants. Combined, these two individuals were certified and administrators on all eight softwares, and previously implemented almost all of them. Within one week, the individuals were interviewed, hired, and started the project.

In short, by reaching out to TaxForce, this client didn't have to settle for one consultant that checked "most of their boxes." The professionals hired exceeded all expectations, and better yet, were affordable.