Telecommunications Company

Telecommunications Company

Interim Vice President of Tax


A new client, in the telecommunications industry, called TaxForce as they had recently been put up for sale and knew hiring permanently would be difficult. Through TaxForce’s network of highly skilled tax consultants, they were able to place a great candidate with all the right work experience. After a few months of work, the client decided they liked this consultant so much they were going to convert him to a permanent employee.


A telecommunications service provider had been looking to increase their headcount by creating a new tax leader over indirect taxes. Once they received the green light to move ahead with the full time search the company was put up for sale. They knew it would be very difficult to bring someone onboard not only because they are located in a rural community, but the potential sale created a lot of uncertainty surrounding the company. The Vice President of Tax had two options: enlist the help of TaxForce or continue to let the Tax Director over income tax continue to struggle with the heavy lifting of the indirect tax matters. Unfortunately, turning to loan staff through the Big 4 was not an option due to the high costs. Ultimately, they chose TaxForce.


After the project analysis call with the Vice President of tax, TaxForce understood the specific qualifications the company was looking for as well as the importance of finding someone with telecommunications industry experience. Using a network that was developed over 30 years of working with tax departments, they were able to get a highly skilled consultant on site quickly. This seasoned consultant had not only the right industry and management experience but was also able to be on site in the rural location for the length of the project.


The consultant was able to get on board and quickly take a majority of the indirect tax work off the shoulders of the Tax Director, who was then able to resume his normal duties without pulling extensive hours. He was able to meet and exceed expectations in all the areas he was brought on to assist with. This included managing outside vendors and reviewing their work product, managing large audits including getting hands-on with pulling support documentation and help to hire an indirect tax analyst. Not only did the TaxForce consultant (whose billing was only $230/hr) deliver on this project, but the company liked his work so much they are extending him an offer to be a full-time employee.